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Calgary and Alberta have the reputation of being like Canada’s Texas, not least of all because of the farms and ranches on our sprawling prairies. One other way Alberta is like Texas is in having a lively Latin American community! Come enjoy Calgary’s Alberta this summer to experience it.


Cirque Du Soleil literally means “circus of the sun,” but what it’s come to mean is “wonder.” For decades now Cirque has been combining dance, acrobatics, clown and music into dream-like experiences that audiences carry with them for the rest of their lives. As creative as the most vibrant work of art, as athletic as the highest tier of any sports performance and as funny as any comedy show, Cirque du Soleil has something for everybody.

Cirque’s latest touring show is Luzia, which is a celebration of Mexican culture. The title combines two words: “Luz” and “iluvia,” light and rain, elements that tie into the show’s incredible spectacles. Combining lively Latin music with soulful performances that capture the life of this country over the last century, Luzia is as captivating and warm as Pixar’s Coco but in real life. A parachuting traveler lands in a field of Marigolds and turns a giant key, only to take a trip through time and space that tells the cultural history of Mexico like never before.

If you’ve never seen Cirque du Soleil live, please know that it is a transformative experience that you’ll never get from merely watching a recording. Luckily, you can check out Luzia here in Calgary August 15 to September 15 at Stampede Park. Don’t miss it!

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