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Image: Monica Silvestre


Given that it’s happening in Calgary, it’s a reasonable guess that an event called “High Performance Rodeo” would be full of bucks, broncos, bulls and cowpokes. It’s a good guess – maybe the obvious guess – but it couldn’t be further from the truth!

Hiding behind a deliberately cheeky name, High Performance Rodeo is Calgary’s premier winter International Arts Festival. Organized by theatre company One Yellow Rabbit, this is nearly an entire month of daring theatre, dance and art performances featuring some of the most daring and provocative creators in Canada.

This year, High Performance Rodeo will take place from January 8 to 26 and feature these inspiring performances:

Juliet and Romeo: This modern reworking of the William Shakespeare classic, Juliet and Romeo debuted at High Performance Rodeo in 2017 before embarking on a national tour to incredible praise! Combining theatre, jazz, and dance into something that reveals the deep passions and emotions in the familiar story of two lovers in feuding families. Juliet and Romeo will change everything you thought you knew about this timeless tale.

How to Fail as a Popstar: Vivek Shrayais is a lot of things – an incendiary performer, a powerful LGBTQIA+ activist, a teller of truths and, as highlighted in this show, an almost-but-not-quite popstar. Listen to Vivek describe her rise to the not-quite top in this story of passion, desire, and self-discovery.

Room 2048: Presented by group Hong Kong Exile, Room 2048 is a  fantastical dance piece that represents Chinese diaspora across the world. Examining the nostalgia for “home” as filtered through the political realities of the day, this dream-like performance reveals the way we all grapple with ancestry in the modern world.
There’s a lot more to check out at High Performance Rodeo! If you’re not afraid of experiencing something new and challenging, then there’s a lot to discover at High Performance Rodeo.

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