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Calgary’s heating up for spring, which means there are all sorts of fun events coming to the city. The warm weather means people are taking off their winter coats and putting on their… cosplay?


The Japanese word “otaku” literally means “obsessed nerd,” but geeks around the world have reclaimed the term to mean “obsessed nerd… but in a cool way!” This May 17-19, let your geek flag fly at Otafest (“Otaku Festival”) 2019 here in Calgary!

Otafest is Calgary’s premier fan convention for all things manga and anime! If you’re a fan of Japanese media, then you can’t afford to miss this one. Here are just a few of the special guests you can expect this year!
  • Steve Blum! One of the most recognizable voice actors around, Steve Blum has a role in nearly everything. Perhaps most famous for his role as Spike Siegel in Cowboy Bebop or Wolverine in the 90s X-Men cartoon, Blum is video game and anime royalty! Find out what his actual voice sounds like at Otafest!
  • ProZD! The ultimate anime fan! For years, ProZD has been making viral videos on YouTube lampooning the sublime and the ridiculous in Japanese media! He and his dulcet voice will be appearing at Otafest and we can’t wait!
  • Wendee Lee! One of THE voice actresses of anime in English, Wendee’s voice has appeared in some of the most beloved properties of all time: Akira, Cowboy Bebop, Ah! My Goddess and more!
And that’s really just the tip of the iceberg! See dozens more celebs, visit over 100 panels, visit hundreds of vendors, watch exclusive reveals and see some of the best cosplay on the planet! If you’re a true otaku this is the place to be this May!

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