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Looking for something fun to do? Come to Calgary! You can’t beat these upcoming events.


A lot of people think that just going for a run is hard enough… but you scoff at those people! You’re looking for the next challenge, for bigger obstacles to overcome and goals to achieve!

If you’ve ever watched shows like Wipeout or American Ninja Warrior and thought “that looks pretty fun,” then you should definitely check out the X Warrior Challenge on June 8. While not quite as death-defying as those popular shows, this is a physical challenge for solo runners or teams that will make you encounter and push through your limits!

Don’t just RUN – hoist heavy bags or lumber! Don’t just jump – LEAP to cross moats and climb wooden structures! Every aspect of X Warrior is designed to give you the fitness challenge of your life while having heaps of fun! With various races and events, including a fun race for kids, X Warrior Challenge is well worth the trip to Calgary!


Acapella music is ba-ba-ba-back! Based on breathtaking displays of vocal mastery WITHOUT accompanying instruments, acapella is one of the most exciting forms of performance around – and Pentatonix is maybe the hottest acapella group in the world! They’ve sold nearly 10 million albums, won three Grammy’s and continue to transform pop classics into mind-blowing vocal exercises that sound even better than the originals!

Originally from Arlington, Texas, this powerful group of vocalists made a name for themselves on YouTube with a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” before winning season 3 of The Sing-Off. Since then they’ve been taking over the world with the power of song and you can see them June 28 at the Saddledome here in Calgary!

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