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Photo by Matan Segev  

There’s something special about being on the back of a motorcycle. With your hand on the throttle and the wind rushing past you, it’s an exhilarating experience that puts you in touch with the open road in a way that cars simply can’t. It’s no wonder that people get hooked on riding, developing a life-long passion after their first time on a bike.

As easy as it may look, there’s a lot to learn before you hop on the back of a bike. Whether you’re a long-time rider or just curious about starting, The Calgary Motorcycle Show is a great place to fast-track your knowledge and appreciation of all things related to motorcycles. Running from January 4th – 6th at the BMO Centre, this three day exhibition includes a showcase of the latest motorcycle models, exhilarating motocross displays and informative training sessions that run down the tips and tricks riding a motorbike.

For motorcycle enthusiasts, the exhibition will have a range of motorcycles, scooters and ATVs from some of the biggest a names in motorcycle manufacturing all in one place. In addition, the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group will be showing off some incredibly cool old-school models that look like something out of Mad Max.   

Even those new to the world of motorbikes will find something to enjoy. At the Ground and Gravity Show you can watch FMX and Stunt Riders soar, flip and wheelie in a heart-stopping display of motocross that pushes the laws of physics. Those with kids should make a point of checking out the Yamaha Riding Academy (YMA), a chance for children ages 6-12 to learn motorcycle riding basics on a secure course with a certified instructor. Who knows – this might be the beginning of a lifelong passion for riding!

These are just some of the highlights of the Calgary Motorcycle Show. Like all motorcycle riders know, a great day of riding begins with a good sleep the night before. Days Inn Calgary Airport offers a comfortable and convenient setting where you can rest your head after a day on the real (or imagined) road. Book today and look forward to our top-notch amenities, including a complimentary breakfast and indoor pool.